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A Picture of Christ in Every Child's Room

A simple, but profound idea - artwork of Jesus changes the feeling of a room. It’s an ever-present reminder of what’s most important to us, and can be the same reminder to our children. Despite our best efforts, our children don’t always come to us with their questions, problems, and fears. But we teach them that He is always there, He is always listening. A picture of Jesus in their own space provides a gentle nudge to help them turn to Him.

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Cast Thy Net Open Edition Canvas / 36 X 12 Rolled In Tube Art
Cast Thy Net
  • From $175.00
Man Of Faith Open Edition Print / 11 X 14 Only Art
Man of Faith
  • From $9.99
Abide With Me Open Edition Print / 10 X 8 Only Art
Abide With Me
  • From $9.99
Feeling My Saviors Love Open Edition Canvas / 12 X 18 Rolled In Tube Art
Feeling My Savior's Love
  • From $120.00