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Photograph of Landon Gage Ramsay Landon Gage Ramsay was born and raised in Monticello Utah. He grew up learning strong work ethics on the family farm. From a very young age, he took interest in art, creativity, and attention to detail. He attended Southern Utah University where he graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts. He is a craftsman and a perfectionist with his talents, some of which include: custom carpentry/furniture, visual arts with any medium, and photography. He makes a great effort to produce work with superior quality and uniqueness.

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For the past 17 years Landon has worked as an artisan in nearly 40 temples doing the decorative paint and gold leaf. He continues to do so as well as wood repair and graining. He was married in 2001 to Jacey Thomas in the Manti Utah temple. When she couldn’t find an image of the temple that she liked enough to purchase for their home, he decided to take one himself. That desire to create something original and different inspired his current series of temple art. They are taken from a panoramic viewpoint and stylized with an artistic border that reflect his paintings. All modern structures apart from the temple have been omitted.

Landon lives in Spanish Fork, Utah with his wife, three sons and one daughter.

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Oquirrh Mountain Brightness And Glory Art
Oquirrh Mountain Brightness and Glory
  • From $195.00
Ogden Brightness And Glory Art
Ogden Brightness and Glory
  • From $195.00
Payson Brightness And Glory Art
Payson Brightness and Glory
  • From $195.00
Portland Brightness And Glory Art
Portland Brightness and Glory
  • From $195.00
Washington Dc The Day Dawn Is Breaking Art
Washington DC, The Day Dawn Is Breaking
  • From $176.00
Idaho Falls The Day Dawn Is Breaking Art
Idaho Falls, The Day Dawn Is Breaking
  • From $110.00
Twin Falls Brightness And Glory Art
Twin Falls Brightness and Glory
  • From $195.00
Provo Brightness And Glory Art
Provo Brightness and Glory
  • From $195.00
Draper Brightness And Glory Art
Draper Brightness and Glory
  • From $195.00
Manti Brightness And Glory Art
Manti Brightness and Glory
  • From $195.00
Monticello The Day Dawn Is Breaking Art
Monticello, the Day Dawn is Breaking
  • From $176.00
Meridian Brightness And Glory Art
Meridian Brightness and Glory
  • From $195.00
Los Angeles Brightness And Glory Art
Los Angeles Brightness and Glory
  • From $195.00
Sacramento Brightness And Glory Art
Sacramento Brightness and Glory
  • From $195.00
Cedar City Brightness And Glory Art
Cedar City Brightness and Glory
  • From $195.00
Idaho Falls Brightness And Glory Art
Idaho Falls Brightness and Glory
  • From $195.00
Boise Brightness And Glory Art
Boise Brightness and Glory
  • From $195.00
Brigham City Brightness And Glory Art
Brigham City Brightness and Glory
  • From $195.00