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Photograph of Chris Young Born in 1963, Chris grew up in the mountains of Utah where his exposure to the beautiful landscape fostered a love for drawing and painting. He completed a BFA degree in printmaking in 1986. Young currently works in his Utah studio and is supported by his wife, four children and italian greyhound.

Young's fascination with seemingly ordinary objects - their configuration, function, and design - has prompted his work. His other inspiration is the human figure. "I believe that our physical bodies are infinitely compelling and there is nothing more beautiful or moving for me to ponder and to attempt to capture and reflect." Concerning his work in general, the artist explains; "I don't believe an artist necessarily creates beauty, but often discovers it and reveals it to others. The best of these efforts are affirming and connecting. In my own work, I attempt to capture the slivers of transcendence in the world around me - that moment of truth and beauty when all seems to be made clearer in a wordless revelation."

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Behold The Man Open Edition Print / 11 X 14 Only Art
Behold the Man
  • From $9.95
Jesus Of Nazareth Open Edition Canvas / 12 X 18 Rolled Art
Jesus of Nazareth
  • From $90.00
Black Cat Open Edition Canvas / 18 X 12 Rolled Art
Black Cat
  • From $90.00
Dane And Fish Open Edition Print / 10 X 8 Only Art
Dane and Fish
  • From $9.95
Faith Hope And Charity Open Edition Print / 12 X 6 Only Art
Faith Hope and Charity
  • From $18.00
Faith Hope And Charity Large Art Open Edition Canvas / 72 X 32 Print Only
Faith Hope and Charity Large Art
  • From $1,152.00
Christ Open Edition Print / 15 X 19 1/2 Only Art
  • $292.50
Autumn Roses Open Edition Print / 10 X 8 Only Art
Autumn Roses
  • From $6.95
Bread Of Life Open Edition Print / 11 X 14 Only Art
Bread of Life
  • From $9.95
Italian Bottles Open Edition Canvas / 18 X 12 Rolled Art
Italian Bottles
  • From $90.00
  • From $9.95