Frequently Asked Questions
How long does it take for my order to ship?

Items are made to order, manufacturing can take 7-10 days during peak seasons (Mother's Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas). After completion the item will ship and may take 1-6 days for delivery. For more information on shipping, please see our shipping policy.

I'm local (American Fork, UT). Can I pick up my order?

If you want to pick up your order at our American Fork Utah location, be sure to uncheck the "Ship to the same address" checkbox on the billing page.  You will then be able to select "Pickup" in the shipping section.  If the box is not selected, the pickup option will not be available.

Can I update my order or shipping address after my order is placed?

Please contact Customer Service at (800) 366-2781 or if you need to make changes to your order.

Why should I register on your site? 

Registering on our site gives you the ability to view your orders and their progress.  If you check out as a guest, you must rely on emails for updates.  Customers that are registered will receive emails with special offers (up to 25% off) and be the first to know about upcoming events in our galleries and new art. 

I used PayPal to place my order, but it looks like the payment status is still pending.  What do I need to do?

A payment will be in pending when a user enters an email to register on our site that is different from the email that is registered in PayPal. If this is the case, you can add the new email to your PayPal account. Once the email has been updated, the order will usually show that it has been paid for. 

If the billing address on our site does not match the billing address on the PayPal account, it will also sit in pending. This includes the billing name if you were recently married and your name has changed. 

If you are having trouble with a "Pending" payment on our website, please call (801)763-7956 and we will be happy to help you resolve the issue.

How can I process a return?

Please see our return policy. If you wish to make a return, please contact Customer Service at (800) 366-2781 email

How do I find framed options on the web?

On the product page you will see three options that need to be selected to order: 1. "Image Type", 2. "Image Size" and 3. "Framing Options."  When the value of these boxes are changed the image also changes. Therefore, if you select a "Print Only", only the image itself will show up.  When you choose from any of the available frames, the image with the frame will show up.  The price also changes to reflect the price of each option. 

Why isn't my discount code working?

Discount codes are valid for a limited time. If you have applied the discount and it doesn't work, it is likely expired.

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