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Photograph of Katie Garner Katie has a gift for creating art that both touches the heart and enlightens the mind. She is passionate about putting gospel truths into images for our eyes to see and our spirits to feel. She loves painting subjects specific to womanhood and motherhood. Katie believes art is a language that speaks directly to our hearts and that images and symbols, with their layers of meaning, have the ability to continue to teach us for a lifetime.

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Mother To Art
Mother to Mother
  • From $9.95
My Yoke Is Easy Burden Light Art
My Yoke is Easy My Burden Light
  • From $6.95
He Lives Open Edition Print / 11 X 14 Only Art
He Lives
  • From $9.95
Missionaries In Ghana Art
Missionaries in Ghana
  • From $6.95
The Mother Of All Living Art
The Mother of All Living
  • From $6.95
First Born Art
First Born
  • From $6.95