Minerva Teichert

Photograph of Minerva Teichert

The works of western American artist, Minerva Teichert, have received increasingly popular and critical acclaim in recent years. Today, Teichert is beloved among the LDS community as a woman who successfully combined faith and family and left an extraordinary legacy of artistic production.

Minerva Kohlhepp Teichert was born in North Ogden, but grew up homestead farming in the vicinity of American Falls, Idaho. Her father encouraged her childhood sketching and she soon developed an “indomitable will to succeed and excel in the field of art.” She taught school to raise enough money to go to Chicago for her art studies. From there her skills in art and design began to blossom!

Minerva Teichert art and paintings have a beauty all their own, her expression of color and symbolism give hope and peace to all those adorn their homes with her paintings.

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