Kenneth Cope

I have been afforded a great blessing. Since I have felt it paramount for me, in my songwriting, to create doctrinally accurate lyrics about our heavenly Father, Savior, and their teachings, it has been absolutely necessary for me to have spent much time over the years immersed in the Holy Scriptures. Like the writer who must plunge himself into all the details, shades and nuances of his subject in order to have credibility with his readers, or like the period artist who must do painstaking research so that her depiction of clothing, architecture, and paraphernalia feel authentic to the time, I have zealously sought to know and comprehend the word of God. At times I have found myself reading the scriptures thinking: “If I were going to create a song or movie of this story, how would I frame the events?” From this approach I have seen details in the scripture I had never seen before.  At other times I have read through the Book of Mormon, or Four Gospels, or other scripture thinking about some specific topics…questions I had about doctrine…and as I read, phrases would jump off the page about those doctrines, clarifying and solidifying my understanding. Of course, the Holy Spirit was there to enlighten, assist, and direct me. I have fervently sought for this and God has been mercifully generous.
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