Liz Lindsay

Photograph of Liz Lindsay Liz Lindsay is known for her contemporary landscapes and spiritual & religious art. She was born in Hood River, Oregon and grew up in Provo, Utah. Growing up, Liz spent much of her time exploring the mountains of Utah and Oregon with her family. Those experiences and her desire to share them with others has greatly influenced her work. At 16, Liz enrolled at Utah Valley University where she studied painting under her teacher and mentor Catherine Downing. There she experimented with unusual ways to use traditional techniques and media to try and find a way to express her feelings about the subjects of her paintings. Through her experimentation, she has developed a unique glazing technique that combines concepts from watercolor, acrylic and oil painting to produce slightly abstracted pieces layered with transparencies of rich glossy color.

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Liz lives in Provo with her husband, and daughter. She paints full time in her studio, and they enjoy traveling together to collect reference photos for her work while spending time together as a family. Liz’s work is found in art galleries and in private collections in Utah, Texas, Virginia and the Washington DC area.