Rick Shorten

Photograph of Rick Shorten When I create in any field, be it painting, music, writing, there are three things driving me: first, a general urge and desire to create things; second, a specific feeling that a particular picture, musical composition, or book needs is ready to be come out of me and take physical form in the world; and third, a feeling that I can add a somewhat unique addition to the existing body of work within that field.

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Whenever I am supposed to tell about myself I feel compelled to mention that while growing up I lived in Utah, the Netherlands, a few times in Germany, and a few times in the Washington, D. C. area where I was born. My dad often took us to historical sights and museums that were near where we lived or were visiting. More often than not the art aspects of the places were emphasized. I also think it should be known that I am a happy husband, father, and grandfather, as also a happy member of the LDS church. Oh, yeah, this is relevant, I got a BFA in printmaking from BYU.