Scot Facer Proctor

Photograph of Scot Facer Proctor I’ve never thought my part of capturing photographs was hard. My job, as I’ve always said, is to press the shutter. That’s all. The Lord paints the picture. He brings in the weather. He is the maker of the sun, the moon and the stars and all of nature. He alone can bring in clouds and angles of light. He alone can bring rain or sun. He really does all the work. My job, again, is only to press the shutter.

Over the years I’ve had hundreds of requests for people to use my photography—for their homes, for their offices, for special gifts, for youth programs, for the Church History Museum and even for the Church’s official publication of the scriptures. I am happy, now, to offer a limited number of special photographs to the general public. I’ve partnered with Foundation Arts to do this and I’m excited to have my fine art photography hang in your homes and be in your lives.

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What is so special about these photographs I am offering?

I’ve gone out of my way to try to capture stunning, even spectacular photographs—images that stand alone as beautiful and worthy to hang in your home. But there’s more to each image than meets the eye. My goal is to capture the beauty of the location but then tell the story behind that location and reveal a surprise. I want you to have stories to tell in your homes and to your families and associates. I want your children and grandchildren to grow up knowing these significant and moving stories and when they see those images, those ideas jump immediately to their minds.

Browse through these first 40 images. See which ones speak to your soul.