Who is your Jesus? In your minds eye, what does He look like? What does He feel like in your heart? Is he joyful and energetic? Peaceful and still? We challenge you to find an image that conveys who Jesus is to you, and INVITE MORE LIGHT™ into your life through artwork of Him.


A joyful Jesus painting typically portrays Jesus with a radiant and compassionate expression, evoking a sense of joy and spiritual connection.


These paintings of Jesus, typically depict Jesus in a contemplative and serene manner, often with a pensive or introspective expression, conveying a sense of deep thought, inner peace, and spiritual introspection.


This type of artwork strives to portray Jesus with physical features commonly associated with, such as dark hair, brown eyes, and an olive complexion. It seeks to present a historically plausible and culturally authentic depiction.


Artworks featuring Jesus characterized by their bright, cheerful, and colorful depictions often portray scenes filled with lively colors, creating an atmosphere of celebration, rejuvenation, and spiritual enthusiasm.


Stylized paintings of Christ with muted colors are designed to harmoniously blend with home decor. These aesthetic images feature subdued, soft color palettes, creating a tranquil and elegant ambiance, making them an ideal choice for interior decoration.


Art that portrays Jesus in a metaphorical sense conveys His divine message and role symbolically, rather than through literal representation. These pieces invite viewers to interpret and reflect on the symbolic language and explore the spiritual message conveyed by the art beyond the surface.


Paintings of Christ by old master artists are timeless classics, celebrated for their mastery of technique, deep symbolism, and enduring influence on art history. These iconic works often feature exquisite details, lifelike representations, and profound religious themes. They continue to be widely recognized and revered as masterpieces of art and spirituality


Energetic paintings of Christ burst with dynamic action and are filled with a multitude of compelling elements. These vibrant artworks convey a sense of movement, fervor, and spiritual vitality. The use of bold colors and dramatic compositions enhances the overall energy and excitement in the portrayal of these spiritual narratives.


Narrative paintings of Christ vividly depict stories from his life and teachings. These artworks serve as visual narratives, effectively conveying the details and emotions of various episodes from the Gospels.


Art depicting Christ with children often conveys a tender and compassionate image. In these artworks, Jesus is portrayed in a gentle and welcoming manner, surrounded by or interacting with children. The scenes radiate warmth and innocence, emphasizing the idea of Christ's love for children and his teachings on childlike faith and humility.


In these depictions, Jesus is often shown with a serene and kind countenance, radiating a sense of calm and love. Scenes may revolve around moments of healing, where Jesus touches the afflicted with care and tenderness. These artworks evoke a deep sense of comfort and the belief in Jesus as a source of solace, love, and spiritual healing.


The use of light, color, and texture in an impressionistic manner creates a dreamy or ethereal quality, allowing individuals to perceive the spiritual or emotional essence of the scene according to their own perspectives and beliefs. These paintings encourage a personal and introspective connection with the themes of Christ and spirituality, leaving room for diverse interpretations and emotional responses.


In these artworks, Jesus is frequently shown in the act of saving or protecting individuals in moments of distress or danger. These depictions emphasize Christ's role as a savior and protector, highlighting his divine love and care for humanity, and offering a sense of hope and security in the face of adversity.


These artworks symbolize the transformative power of Holy Week, including Gethsemane and the crucifixion, illustrating that through suffering, there is the potential for spiritual salvation and renewal.


Art depicting Jesus as a shepherd typically shows Him as a compassionate and protective figure caring for His flock, symbolizing His guidance and nurturing of believers. These artworks often feature peaceful landscapes, sheep, and religious symbolism, offering a comforting and secure representation of Christ's role in guiding and guarding souls.


Art portraying Jesus as a comforter typically conveys His role as a consoling and reassuring presence, offering solace and empathy. These works often emphasize His compassion and the comforting aspect of His teachings, creating a sense of emotional and spiritual support for viewers.


Art depicting Jesus as a teacher often highlights His role as an enlightener and spiritual guide. These works emphasize His wisdom and the act of imparting knowledge and moral lessons. They convey a sense of reverence for His teachings and their transformative power in the lives of believers.


Art featuring Baby Jesus serves to convey the message of hope, salvation, and the miracle of Christ's birth, inviting viewers to contemplate the significance of this momentous event in Christian tradition.

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Art is powerful. It teaches and testifies. It beautifies and enlightens.
In an ever-darkening world, we challenge you to Invite More LightTM into your heart, into your home, and into your life through the power of art.