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You don't need to be an expert to select and enjoy a work of art, you simply need to choose an image that moves you and in doing so, share the light of inspiration with those around you.

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About The Orgills:

April and Davey Orgill are a family entertainment, travel and lifestyle vlogging couple.

April gained popularity when, as a professional hairstylist, she started a YouTube channel to teach people how to achieve salon style hair at home. Her hair tutorial videos received millions of views and as she started documenting her experiences as a wife, mother and working professional, her audience grew even more. Davey eventually joined in and started documenting his unique experiences as April's husband and the father of their 6 kids.

From crafting your own mermaid tails and country line dancing to adventures traveling in Mexico, the Orgills bring a little bit of light and joy wherever they go.

Havenlight is proud to partner with April and Davey to give their followers the gift of art! Follow them on Instagram and their other social media channels to find out how you can win!

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The Orgill's Giveaway

When Yongsung Kim envisioned the Calm and Stars painting, he was envisioning the power and grandeur of God. The Calm and Stars painting depicts Jesus calming the seas during a great storm, & then seeing stars and galaxies after the calm.

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$9.99 Prints

$9.99 Prints

2023 Spring Collection

3 Pack Lined Study Notebooks, only $5.00

3 Pack Lined Study Notebooks, only $5.00

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500 Piece Puzzles Only $5.00 - Save 66%