JW Lee

Photograph of JW Lee I am an artist from Jeon Ju, South Korea and have participated in over 27 solo exhibitions in South Korea. In addition, I have participated in invited exhibitions, group exhibitions and art fairs in USA, Germany, Singapore, Turkey, and Hong Kong. Presently my works are on display at Seoul City Art museum, National Hyundai Art Museum, Art Bank, JeonBuk Providential Art Museum, Seoul Eastern District Court, Seoul Northern District Court, Jeongup Prosecutor’s Headquarter, JeonJu Middle District Tax Office, Korea Electric JeongJu Branch, JeonJu Taein Country Club, JeonJu Woojin Cultural Association, CheongJu Shema Art Gallery among others. I am a member of the Korea Artist Association (KAA), am distinguished as a Korea Grand Invitation artist, and am currently serving as a director for KAA responsible for western art. I have been a devoted artist for 30 years.