Shelby Stroud

Forty-three years ago, my parents named me Shel having no idea what obsession was in my future. I grew up loving all things ocean and married another thalassophile shortly after he returned from his mission in French Polynesia. We have five children - three daughters and two sons. I was an art major at Southern Utah University and used that knowledge to become a graphic designer to support my husband as he finished at BYU and went on to medical school in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and further training in Saint Louis, Missouri where we decided to stay.

I have dabbled in all forms of art all my life from collage to sculpture to painting but only recently found my niche when I used my collection of seashells to create a portrait of one of my daughters in the fall of 2020. Since then, I have gone on three more shelling expeditions in Florida and Alabama to collect more supplies with which to work and have used those and more sent to me by friends, family and even strangers to create two more pieces. I’ve never been so passionate about anything before. Every part of the process makes me so happy. Finding the shells, sorting, cleaning and finally creating with them - I could do any part indefinitely and be thrilled with the opportunity. I have found my identity and the way I want to express myself, and I am grateful to be a Shel. 

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A Sure Foundation
A Sure Foundation
by Shelby Stroud
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I Remember Those Who Are On The Isles of The Sea
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A Sure Foundation Large Wall Art
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I Remember Those Who Are On The Isles of The Sea Large Art Large Wall Art
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