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Photograph of Alan Fullmer

Alan Fullmer’s father was a portrait photographer and his grandfather was a landscape oil painter. He takes great pride in combining his ancestry of both fine painting and photography in the creation his own works of art. Fullmer is recognized by institutions, collectors and other photographers as a leader in his field. He enjoys sharing his experience and knowledge through the mentoring of up and coming photographer and artists.

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Multnomah Falls Open Edition Canvas / 20 X 10 Rolled In Tube Art
Multnomah Falls
  • $100.00
Timpanogos Silver Lake Flats Art
Timpanogos Silver Lake Flats
  • $96.00
The Red Barn Open Edition Canvas / 10 X 30 Rolled In Tube Art
The Red Barn
  • From $27.00
Timpanogos Meadow Open Edition Print / 11 X 14 Only Art
Timpanogos Meadow
  • From $9.99
Winter Canyon Open Edition Print / 10 X 8 Only Art
Winter Canyon
  • From $14.99
Multnomah Falls Open Edition Print / 10 X 8 Only Art
Multnomah Falls
  • From $14.99
Timpanogos Silver Lake Flats Open Edition Canvas / 18 X 12 Rolled In Tube Art
Timpanogos Silver Lake Flats
  • From $105.00