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Picuture of Yongsung Kim I spent my youth in the beautiful countryside of Korea, which is rich with the emotion that I hope is captured in my paintings. I started painting in middle school and spent much of my time growing up drawing.

After I became an adult, I began to worry about the path my life would lead, so I prayed. Through the inspiration I gained while painting, I decided I would live a life devoted to bringing glory to God. Even though I didn’t formally study painting, I felt I had been blessed with natural talent and aesthetic taste and I began a life as a Christian artist.

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With much love and affection for my family, I strive to live as an example of a devoted Christian father. My family includes my wife, a daughter who aspires to be an animator, and a son who hopes to be a guitarist.

The main theme and focus of my paintings are consistently and primarily Jesus Christ and Christianity. Co-artists have asked me if it was necessary to intentionally include Christ in every piece. They have even suggested I remove Christ and paint a likeness or euphemism of him. In a world with an increasing culture of violence and darkness, in addition to decreasing bright and clean depictions of religion, I want to shed Christ’s light on this new generation. So I deal with subjects of Christ, as the “Good Shepherd” with His flock and Christ’s “Love and Grace”, and “Beautiful Christ” as major themes.

Rather than the world’s standard of a heavy and grim depiction of Jesus Christ, I seek to work with that which is easy to understand, that which resonates with the sympathies and emotions we feel. Rather than complex or difficult art, I focus on a bright, righteous, and beautiful idea of Christ, utilizing portrayals of familiar scenes of nature to help it enter the heart of the observer.

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Like Unto A Child Art
Like Unto A Child
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Dancing On Water Open Edition Print / 10 X 8 Only Art
Dancing on Water
  • From $6.95
Lead Me Art
Lead Me
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The Hand Of God Triptych Oec
The Hand of God | Gallery Wrap | Triptych
  • $199.00
In His Keeping Open Edition Print / 11 X 14 Only Art
In His Keeping
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The Hand Of God Test Tube Itsy Bitsy Puzzle
The Hand of God Test Tube Itsy Bitsy Puzzle
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The Servant Art
The Servant
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Lord Of Prayer Art
Lord of Prayer
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Eventide Open Edition Print / 10 X 8 Only Art
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Abba Open Edition Canvas / 16 X 24 Print Only Art
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Rising Higher Art
Rising Higher
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Moment Of Peace Open Edition Print / 10 X 8 Only Art
Moment of Peace
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Calming Embrace Gift Card Set 4
Calming Embrace Gift Card Set 4
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Who Touched Me Art
Who Touched Me?
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The Lost Sheep Art
The Lost Sheep
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The Healing Touch Art
The Healing Touch
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Immanuel Art
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Carry On Open Edition Print / 10 X 8 Only Art
Carry On
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