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Sharon Butler grew up in Renton, Washington, with a love of art gained from her mother (an artist and playwright) and encouraged by her father. She studied art in middle school and high school, then earned an associate degree in Fine Arts from Ricks College. She went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in Illustration from Brigham Young University. During her program there, she earned grocery money by drawing portraits of fellow students in her neighborhood. Just after finishing her degree, she illustrated two children’s books, then took the next ten years off to focus on raising her family. When her youngest turned one, she began advertising pencil portraits on social media, which hadn’t existed the last time she was involved in the art field. It was like returning to her neighborhood portraits, but with a much broader reach. She loves many kinds of art, but especially portrait art. Sharon lives near Salem, Oregon, with her husband and five kids.

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First Presidency Sketch Open Edition Print / 10 X 8 Only Art
First Presidency Sketch
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President Nelson Portrait Sketch Open Edition Print / 11 X 14 Only Art
President Nelson Portrait Sketch
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Savior Sketch Open Edition Print / 11 X 14 Only Art
Savior Sketch
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